"Family and Friends Chichichat” Package

$0 monthly fee, no contract, enjoy now!

"Family and Friends Chichichat” is applicable to prepaid card users, you can designate phone numbers (currently only supports the numbers of the countries listed below) of your family and friends, in accordance to the below guidelines, as “Family Numbers”. "Family Numbers” of each prepaid card can be assigned up to 3 phone numbers. You can enjoy the following tariff when calling one of your “Family Numbers” after successful designation:

Call to

“Family and Friends Chichichat” Tariff *

(On a 24-hour flat rate)

China number of “Family Numbers”

$ 0.80 / minute #

Hong Kong number of “Family Numbers”

$ 0.80 / minute #

Vietnam number of “Family Numbers”

$ 0.90 / minute #

Indonesia number of “Family Numbers”

$ 0.90 / minute #

Philippines number of “Family Numbers”

$ 1.73 / minute #

Note: * The above tariff is applied to calls from Macau only. Additional local airtime charge applies for calling “family numbers”, but it will be waived till 25 September 2013. For more details, please call 1118 for queries.  # The IDD charges are calculated in 6 seconds interval and round up to the nearest 6 seconds.


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