Basic Value-added Service Charges
Basic VAS
Service Charge per month (MOP)
Caller Number Display $20
Conference Call $20
VoiceMail $10
Call forwarded package $20
1-Card 2-Number & IDD VAS
Service Charge per month (MOP)
4G Macau-HK 1C2N $18 (Original Price︰$28)
4G Macau-Mainland China 1C2N $28
4G Macau-Mainland China 1C2N & China Roaming Package $38
(Include China mobile number & 30 mins China Roaming Airtime)
3G China-HK IDD Minutes $18
(Include 45 mins China-HK IDD)
Other Services
Service Charge (MOP)
SIM Card Connection Fee $150
Each SIM Card Replacement* $60
Reconnection of Service $30
Change of Mobile Number* $55
Change of Service Plan $50
Detailed Bill $20/month


  1. $30 will be charged for reconnection of service due to overdue payment.
    * Customer is liable to pay $30 Macau SAR Government Change of Customer Information Fee.

All disputes will be subjected to the final decision of Hutchison  Telephone ( Macau ) Company Limited and no prior notice will be given should there be any changes in the terms and conditions.