3Macau is delighted to present an innovative reading service: 3Books - the largest mobile online aggregator of HK magazines, books and comics for iPhone,iPad, Mobile and Tablet PC with Android OS in town. The service includes both monthly plan subscription, per book purchase and premium publisher channel subscription to cater for your different need. An immense cross publisher, multi magazine library that is updated daily with the newest content always available to bring utmost greatest reading pleasure to users.
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We are delighted to present you Hong Kong's largest electronic reading content aggregator on mobile, 24reader! A multi-publisher cross category mix of the strongest and most up to date reading material. Enjoy over 2000 chinese and english fiction and non-fiction books; magazines on entertainment, technology, travel, leiseure fashion and beauty; manga, photo books, illustrations, language study and much much more. Daily updated to provide users with the most refreshing and entertaining experience as possible! Subscribe to the basic channel of a monthly fee of $38 and enjoy access to unlimited content.

Requirments : iOS 3.1.2 or later (iPhone 3GS+, iPod touch and iPad)、Android OS 2.1 or later



Free Download of PC eReading Apps
MagV, BookU
  3HK presents to you the ebook service that has been Taiwan Appstore's No.1 App in all categories with long period of time - MagV and BookU.

MagV and BookU together has over 95% of Taiwan magazines and Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China magazines with 9,000 popular Taiwan books for you to choose from. The magazines rack is updated and all books and magazines are completely full versions.

Requirments : iOS 4.3 or later and Android OS 2.3 or later

3HK customers can enjoy an exclusive free trial of 2 months!
  How to Use
1. Log on to "Planet 3" or "3Grid"
2. Access "3Books"

3. Select Service 24reader, MagV, BookU etc
4. Subscribe channels or purchase books


Service Content Charge
24Reader 3HK Basic Channel
Over thousands of fiction and non-fiction books includes East Touch, East Week PC Market, Cup, Jet, Spiral, APPSWAVE, GAMEWAVE, PC GAMEWAVE, SOCCERWAVE, AV Magazine and other best-selling ebooks
Monthly fee $38 (unlimited access)
Japanese Girls Comics Channel
SoftBank Japan Girls Comics
Monthly Fee $20 (unlimited access)
Cross Media Channel
Most up to date reading material includes GAMEWAVE, SOCCERWAVE, CPU, Hot Machine and photobooks of Chrissie Chau, A.Lin, Dada Lo etc
Monthly Fee $30 (unlimited access)
U Magazine Travel Bible
9 Travel U Bibles by U Magazine
(A set of 9 U Bibles)
men's uno
a men's magazine orienting to fashion and vogue living
Monthly fee $35
MagV MagV
Including over 550 kinds of Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China magazines.
Monthly fee $38
BookU BookU
including commercial finance, photography, recipes, novels, comic books.. and other 25 categories.
Monthly fee $38